General FAQs

General FAQs

Check out this list of frequently asked questions to find the answer you're looking for. 

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What service does Pomelo Travel provide?

We're on the lookout for the best flight deals on the Internet! We have a few tricks, secret techniques, and years of travel experience that we want to share with you. Our team loves helping you travel on a budget. 

When we find an exceptional deal, we alert you quickly via email with complete booking instructions! You'll end up booking directly with the airlines or reputable booking sources like Google Flights, Priceline, and others.  Our deals are for departures all over the USA and Canada — even smaller hubs!

On average, subscribers save $500+ per ticket on international travel!  That's $500+ in savings to spend on experiences, lodging, or to pocket for your next trip. Occasionally we send mistake fare alerts that save subscribers up to 90% on airfare!

In short, we search for deals, we send out alerts, and you save hundreds!


What’s the difference between the free email subscription and Premium?

Free subscribers see about 25% of the deals we send out. If you are looking for specific destinations, we highly recommend signing up for our premium subscription to ensure you don’t miss any deals we find.

Something else to keep in mind —we usually send the super cheap mistake fares and unique deals we find to our premium subscribers exclusively.


Can I make specific requests for a deal if I know the exact dates I want to travel and the specific location?

As it turns out, we aren’t able to take custom requests due to the nature of our service. The future market can be hard to predict, so we can only send out the deals as we find them. However, our flight searchers are always on the lookout for great deals to all kinds of destinations!

Aside from specific date requests, we are always curious about the destinations that our subscribers want to see. If there is a destination you notice we haven’t sent deals for, feel free to let us know by emailing us at [email protected]!

Another thing to think about, your chances of finding the deal you’ve been waiting for is much higher if you sign up for the premium email alerts. Free subscribers only see 25% of the deals we send out, whereas premium subscribers receive 100% of the deals we find! 


What kind of deals should I expect?

We send deals departing from all over the US to international destinations (plus Hawaii and Alaska). On average, the deals we find are 50% cheaper than normal fares and end up saving our subscribers hundreds of dollars. 

The deals you see will vary depending on if you sign up for a free or a premium subscription. Keep in mind that free subscribers only receive 25% of the deals we send out.

If you choose to sign up for premium, we offer several options for you to customize the deals you receive. You can customize which departure airports you want to see deals from, and right now you can also opt to receive domestic deals from select US airports!


How is this service different from other cheap flight companies?

Only the best deals will make it to your inbox. We don’t like receiving emails from airlines notifying you of a sale only to realize that the sale only saves you $50. The deals we send are good.

We search diligently for unadvertised sales, mistake fares, and price wars. These are deals you probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise.

We don’t receive any commission for the deals we send out. We aren’t affiliated with any other airlines, online travel agencies, or websites. Why this matters: we are only motivated to help you get the best deal and help you book them. Often blogs or travel agents only send out deals from airlines or websites that are paying them, we search for all the deals.  

We care. We’re real people who love to travel and want to help you get out there for a decent price. We use the deals as much as anybody and are so excited when we hear you’ve booked your next trip because of these emails!


How do you alert me of the deals?

All you have to do is check your email inbox! We send out each deal we find via email. No login necessary. We’ve found it’s the easiest and quickest way to get you the deals with detailed booking instructions attached.

Of course you can always use your login to manage your subscription and see what's new with Pomelo!

How many emails should I expect?

Premium subscribers can expect somewhere between 35 and 60 emails per month, depending on what deals we find. If you’re a free subscriber, you’ll get a quarter of those deals. Keep in mind, this isn’t an automated service. We don’t send out deals unless they are great, so don’t expect us to meet some sort of artificial quota. Just trust that if the deal is good, it will make it to your inbox!


Do you send out deals for business or first class?

We have found deals for business and first class in the past, but those deals are definitely rare. Most deals we find are for economy or basic economy. 


What are mistake fares and how do they work?

Despite having the latest technology, airlines still have room for error. Humans make mistakes, computer systems may not work sometimes, and you get the reward: extremely cheap airline tickets every so often.