COVID-19 Travel Tips and Updates

COVID-19 Travel Tips and Updates

Wondering where you can travel right now? Check out the links below to learn about which states and countries are open and their current travel restrictions.

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Where can US citizens travel right now?

If you’re looking for domestic travel options, check out this page our team created with our partner Flights From Home to keep you informed about domestic travel.

For information on which countries you can travel to as a US citizen and the current restrictions in place, check out this page our team created to keep you informed about international travel!  

If you’re worried about booking right now, you can also check out this list of airlines offering flexible booking right now to find what will work best for your travel plans!

Traveling soon?

Here’s what you need to know about airport and airline coronavirus procedures —

Social Distancing & Masks

Most (if not all) US airports have implemented required mask wearing and social distancing procedures from the time you enter the airport until you board your flight. Most airports have also installed hand sanitizer dispensers available for your convenience.

As far as airline-specific procedures go, some airlines are still skipping middle seats between passengers to allow as much space as possible, though others are back to full capacity while all airlines are enforcing mask-wearing for the whole duration of the flight.

If you want to know more about COVID-19 procedures for specific airlines before your travel, we recommend you visit their websites for exact information.

Inflight Services

While most airlines have halted all inflight food and beverage services, several are handing out pre-packaged snack bags during the boarding process which include a small water, a snack, and a disinfectant wipe. If you want more than a mini water and a pack of pretzels, be sure to grab a drink and treats before boarding!